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Fuel Calculator in Punta Gorda, FL

Looking for a Toyota that’s fuel-efficient? Our fuel calculator is the perfect tool to help you find the right model for your needs. Simply enter the estimated mpg of two vehicles and our calculator will do the rest, providing you with an estimate of how much you’ll save on gas in the next year. With this information, you can compare all our models to find the one that best suits your driving habits and budget. Start exploring today and see how Gettel Toyota of Charlotte County can help you save at the pump!

Fuel Calculator

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Let’s calculate your annual fuel savings.

Enter the estimated gas price per gallon of fuel, the number of miles you expect to drive each year, and the EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings (MPG) of the vehicles you’re considering.


Fuel cost to drive Car A 25 miles


Fuel cost to drive Car A for 1 year


Fuel cost to drive Car B 25 miles


Fuel cost to drive Car B for 1 year


Savings Summary

Price per gallon$
Miles driven per year
EPA-est. MPG of Car A
EPA-est. MPG of Car B

Monthly Savings


Annual Savings


A Lineup of Fuel-Efficient Models

If you’re looking for a vehicle that is fuel-efficient, reliable and easy to drive, then Toyota is the right choice for you. We have an extensive lineup of eco-friendly Toyota models like the Prius, Corolla and Camry. Plus with ouralternative fuel vehicles, it’s easy to find the perfect vehicle for your needs. And if you’re still on the fence, discover howGettel’s Got It! From our Pre-Order Program to our three-day exchange, we’ve got you covered.

Our knowledgeable team is ready to set you up with the Toyota of your dreams. We look forward to serving you! Contact us today or stop by our dealership at 1801 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda, FL 33950 . We look forward to serving our customers near Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice and Fort Myers.